A Covid Secure Three Horseshoes Country Inn & Spa 

We’re very excited to welcome you back.  

We have taken every precaution to ensure maximum safety measures are in place to protect our staff and our customers.  

We are working very hard to operate as safe and easy as possible for all involved, we are also keen to keep our friendly environment. As we enjoy this social experience again, we need to make our environment safe for all to enjoy.  

Obviously, we have never been in this situation before, we too are learning and working in a way that’s very different to our usual structure.  

We ask that you be patient as we adapt to this new temporary way of working.  

Our measures include  

  • We have carried out a Covid-19 risk assessmentto ensure customers & employees are safe on-site.
  • All our employees test at home twice a week with NHS flow tests.
  • We have cleaning, hand washing & hygiene procedures in line with guidance. 
    • Hand sanitiser provided at all entrance and throughout the building. 
    • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of objects, equipment and surfaces that are touched regularly 
    • Internal doors. to be pinned back, where possible, to minimise hand contact of handles. 
  • We have taken responsible steps to help people to work from home if possible. 
  • We have taken responsible steps to maintain 2m distancing, where people cannot be 2m apart, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk, by 
    • Limitation to the number of customers at any one time to all areas, so people can social distance. 
    • Cue system with floor lines at current social distancing guidelines, for table & reception check-in. 
    • Signage to remind guests & employees to adhere to social distancing guidelines. 
    • Bar & reception protected by screens to create a physical barrier between people 
    • Dining tables, pub tables & spa seating/loungers distanced by 1-2m. In cases where distanced by over 1m, seating is positioned 1m apart back-to-back or side-to-side. 
    • Screens to protect tables next to busy walkways within 1m. 
    • Function room used as well at busy periods, to allow more tables to be social distanced. 
    • Customers encouraged to view menu & order food and drink via new ordering app.  
    • Toilets and changing rooms limited to number of guests at one time, so people can social distance. 
    • In room check-in & checkout for rooms, to minimise face to face contact at reception. 
    • Procedure in place for any hotel guests, that show symptoms of Covid-19 during stay. 
    • On-line medical questionnaire for spa & treatments to include questions about Covid-19 symptoms & contact.
    • Face coverings to be worn by all customers & employees within public areas, except when seated at a table to eat & drink.
    • All treatment equipment & implements disinfected between guests
    • Guests to be aware and adhere to social distancing guidelines whilst using outdoor vitality pool.
    • For hot tubs & outdoor vitality pool, in order to achieve the most effective chemical treatment, pH levels will be kept as low as possible (7.0 – 7.4) with the free chlorine level raised to between 1.5mg/l – 3.0mg/l.

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