The combination of cold weather and central heating can be incredibly harsh on the skin and can lead to increased sensitivity and dryness during winter.

Bad weather in winter can cause havoc in our day-to-day lives, but keeping warm can come at a cost on a more personal level. Using central heating can be the most damaging part of the season for our skin.

One of the biggest irritants in winter is the dry air caused by central heating which robs the skin of all its vital moisture.

Here are some tips on keeping your skin tip top!

Keep skin nourished

Using the right products on your skin in winter can help create a protective barrier against dry air. Hydrating masks and facial oils are a great way to keep your face looking and feeling healthy. Your skin can afford something a little heavier than you would use in summer to help lock in essential moisture. This will also feel a little more luxurious, try a self heating mask!

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Getting rid of dead skin cells sitting on top of the skin will increase the effect of whatever you put on to your skin! We can’t stress this enough! Look & feel fresh and encourage new cell turnover to give a dewy flawless glow. We advise gentle peelingĀ  products, after cleansing but before you tone & moisturise.

Stay Hydrated!

As central heating & harsh winds are constantly draining our moisture levels, make sure you’re well hydrated to stop this having an effect on your skin. Drink more than you would on average, a small amount before sleep and a good drink when awakening. This will help give you a healthy winter glow.

Sleep with the heating off at night

Use a timer so that your heating comes on for a couple of hours in the evening & switches off again until morning. This will not only help you to save energy & money, but it will stop your skin dehydrating as much. Turn the thermostat down, aim for a temperature of around 20 degrees that should keep you warm without causing skin damage.