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Mill Wheel Spa it's time to relax

Welcome to our

Luxury Spa facilities

  • The Beach Hut*

    A unique experience which replicates the positive benefits of being on a beach in the sun in a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment. Lying on a bed of warm sand, this 25 minute experience takes guests from darkness to sunrise to peak sunshine and then sunset. Relaxing music and essential oils complete the ‘holiday’ experience. It is the perfect way to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to top up Vitamin D levels helping beat winter blues and this can even stimulate the metabolism.

  • Rasul*

    This Spa experience is for 2 people that allows partners, friends and relatives to enjoy an experience together in a private setting. It is also great treatment introduction for new Spa goers (men in particular) who haven’t tried a Spa experience before. It involves you smoothing mineral rich mud onto your skin whilst the room heats up over a 30 minute period with gentle lighting and music in the background. As the treatment nears its end, water will rain down onto you to wash away the muds, revealing fresh, revitalised, healthy skin.

  • The Farmers Sauna

    An attractive alternative to a “conventional” sauna! This enchanting wood-panelled room which is a replica of an Alpine Brechel cabin, enables you to breathe in the spicy goodness of the forest. The gentle increase in temperature and the herbal steam shots activate intense perspiration without straining the circulation.

  • The Cedar Plunge Pool

    Going from a heated environment to the cold of a Plunge Pool gives the body great stimulation. This affects multiple areas of the body……… with rapid effects! Just a 30 second dip will stimulate circulation, the nerves in the Body & Brain and can help to alleviate joint pain & muscle stress. It has a therapeutic effect on the whole body, it helps to tighten the skin and leaves you fully refreshed! For best results, plunge after each heat experience.

  • The Peak District Stonebath

    Set in a typical Peak District stone barn; found dotted around the national park made from local stone for the housing of animals and crops. Local mineral stones are heated in the oven. The basket containing the hot stones is dipped into a basin filled with cold water and the sizzling stones omit all the valuable minerals along with the steam to fill the room. This extraordinary “Steam Bath Experience” creates a feeling of wellbeing.

  • Outdoor Vitality Pool & Spa Garden

    A 3m square hydrotherapy pool set at 36.c is located outside in our outdoor spa courtyard which will allow visitors to experience the warmth of the water with relaxing hydro jets while their heads are subject to the weather elements of the Peak National Park. A sure feeling of being wrapped up in a cosy blanket whilst being outside!

  • The Mill Wheel Shower

    The visual centre piece of the Spa and pays homage to the history of the James Brindley Water Mill in Leek & Cheddleton Flint Mill which were once an important part of our local industry and economy. A UK first, turned by water power. The water pours out from the shovels in intervals, alternatively warm and cold, a welcome revive after visiting the hotter experiences.

  • The Relaxation Suite

    Relax and unwind in the tranquillity of our Relaxation Suite. With big, fluffy blankets, plush cushions, comfy loungers and a cosy fire, enjoy a quiet read, refreshments or have a chat or a nap in the Hub of The Mill Wheel Spa.

  • The Therapy Lounge*

    Our treatment rooms offer a selection of bespoke treatments from exclusive product ranges of Phytomer & Kurland.

*May be subject to additional charge if not included in a package.